natural by nature Lavender Comfort Cushion Oblong

natural by nature Lavender Comfort Cushion Oblong
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LAVENDER COMFORT CUSHION SIZE 650 X 140 Complete with handy storage container and supplied with a FREE 10ml Lavender Essential Oil. 100% Washable cotton twill fabric. Ingredients Washed Cherry Pips & Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil. To warm your comfort cushion simply pop it into your microwave and heat for 2 – 3 minutes. (This is based on a 650 – 800w microwave with a turntable on full power.) Alternatively for a cold compress insert your cushion into a plastic bag and place in the freezer. WASHING YOUR COMFORT CUSHION The durable quality of the 100% cotton material and cherry pips enables you to wash your cushion when required and with care it will last for many years. When needed hand wash in warm soapy water rinse and dry thoroughly before re-using (do not tumble dry). To replenish your cushion sprinkle up to 6 drops of Natural by Nature’s Lavender pure essential oil (after heating). The combined natural aromas from the cherry pips and soothing lavender slowly diffuse through the cushion giving a delightful and relaxing effect. Unlike the wheat cushion there have been no reported incidents of the cherry pip cushion causing any irritation or allergic reactions. In certain circumstances when heated wheat cushions may adversely affect people suffering from wheat allergies hay fever or asthma.

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